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The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) is a research organisation, conference organiser and publisher dedicated to encouraging interdisciplinary discussion, facilitating intercultural awareness and promoting international exchange, principally through educational exchange and academic research.

Virtual presentations afford authors the opportunity to present their research to IAFOR’s far-reaching and international online audience, without time restrictions, distractions or the need to travel. Presenters are invited to create a video of their presentation, which is then uploaded to the official IAFOR Vimeo channel and remains online indefinitely. This is a valuable and impactful way of presenting in its own right, but also an alternative means for those delegates who may be unable to travel to the conference due to financial or political restrictions. The same publishing opportunities apply to virtual presenters, with final papers being included in the IICAH Conference Proceedings.

 This video archive is best viewed on a desktop computer with a strong Internet connection. 

Aesthetics, Design
66083 | Toward Sustainable Design: A Study on Consumer Preferences for Design Characteristics of Chinese Spring Festival Clothing
67011 | The Characteristics of Contemporary Art as a Source to Enrich the Ceramic Surface With Aesthetic Values

Arts - Arts Theory and Criticism
65748 | Schubert – the Strange and the Supernatural: Exploring Nineteenth Century Fantasy Aesthetic and Its Expression in Schubert’s Music

Arts - Media Arts Practices: Television, Multimedia, Digital, Online and Other New Media
65717 | Lucid Dreaming Created by Virtual Reality Technology
66174 | Effectiveness of NFT Art and the Economic Value of Art: Experiment Through Creative Activities and Raising Issues for the Future
66334 | The New Media and Motion Picture Content Creation: A Technological Disruption or Nation Building Tool
67079 | Closeness and Alienation: A Case Study of an Exhibiting Animated Film “Inter-dine”

Arts - Teaching and Learning the Arts
65689 | Pandemic, Professors and Persistence: Challenges and the Road to Recovery
66769 | Night Owl vs Early Bird: Students’ Study Habits, Learning Styles and Academic Performance
67214 | Rebana Kercing of Kampung Laut: Sustaining the Communal Activity With Academic Collaboration

Cyberspace, Technology
66691 | Leveraging WBCL in Higher Education Architecture Programs
67221 | Scaffolding Real and Unreal: Strategies for the Development of Virtual Tour Guides

Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
65404 | Exploring Traditional Culture from the Perspective of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Buddhist Temples of the Dai Park and Chiang Mai Old City

66111 | Rise, Trends and Problems of Megacities: Civilizations Across Urbanization

66794 | Importance of Assessment for Students with ADHD in College

Language, Linguistics
64801 | Translating Gay Identities in TV Series: Gayspeak and Camp Talk in Looking
64821 | Pragmatics and Family Discourse in Contemporary TV Series
66314 | Building Resilience in the Classroom: Empowering Students/Teachers Against Linguistic Discrimination via Linguistic Skills

Literature/Literary Studies
64850 | A Queen and a Masque: Anne of Denmark’s Political Aims in Samuel Daniel’s The Vision of the Twelve Goddesses
65984 | Rereading Classics: Edges Between Worlds in James Joyce’s “Eveline”

Media, Film Studies, Theatre, Communication
65927 | Reinforcement and Deconstruction: The Impact of Digital Media on Gender Identity Understanding and Expression
67059 | Discriminatory Structures in the Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Other Humanities
65968 | Online Education During the Pandemic and Its Impact in India

Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness
66073 | Analysis of Social Movements in Hong Kong in 2014 and 2019 From the Perspective of Body Politics and Feeling Politics
66809 | Self-Betrayal and Moral Repair

Political Science, Politics
65529 | Socio-economic Status of Workers in State-owned Enterprises During China’s Reforms

Religion, Spirituality
66014 | The Moral Justice of Member of the LGBTQ+ in the Light of Three Theological Virtues: Faith, Hope, and Charity in the Philippine Society

Teaching and Learning
65833 | The Role of Virtual Reality (VR) to Teach Maltese as a Second Language
65966 | Education in the New Technological Era
66121 | ADA and the Active Flex Environment: A Model for Future Students?
66231 | Tradition is the Illusion of Permanence. Rethinking Online Teaching and Learning Among Cohorts in the Arts
66793 | Celebrating a Little-known Powerhouse for Racial Equity: Documenting the Legacy of Charles H. Williams on the Campus of Hampton University
67249 | Quiz Creation Add-in Tool for MS Word Supporting Hybrid Classes
67303 | The Constitution and the Educator: Social Justice Education Policy Content Through the Lens of the South African Educator
67356 | Reliability and Validity Evidence for an Arabic Version of Mathematics Self-efficacy and Anxiety Questionnaire (MSEAQ) Among University Students in SA

Teaching and Learning
66117 | Modular Learning Approach at the Catanduanes State University During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Adult, Lifelong & Distance Learning
65677 | The Collaborative Educational Effort of Sevier County Intergenerational Poverty (IGP) Committee to Bring Educators, Service Providers, and Community Leaders Together
66191 | Rural Home Care Nurses’ Experiences With Continuing Nursing Education
66200 | Roles of Social Education Coordinator in Community Building after 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake 

Challenging & Preserving: Culture, Inter/Multiculturalism & Language
65860 | Using Pre-Test for Assessing Familiarity with Japanese Culture of Foreign Students During Japanese Communication Class
67288 | The Implementation of an Online Multicultural Sensitivity Course for Pre-service Teachers

Curriculum Design & Development
65972 | Improving Fashion Bag Creative Design Curriculum Teaching Based on Gen-Y Usage Behavior and Consumption Needs
66152 | Teachers’ and Learning Advisors’ Perspectives on Integrating Reflection Activities into a Language Curriculum
66271 | The Integration of Sustainable Development Goals in the Secondary Science Curriculum of Cordillera Administrative Region: An Analysis
66862 | Using Analytical Hierarchy Process Technique to Explore the Core Competencies of Online-Merge-Offline Personnel
67167 | Practice-based Engineering Education Using Digital Transformation (DX) Under Covid-19 in a Japanese University
67266 | Teacher Preparedness for Human Rights Education – Curriculum Assessment in Higher Education Programmes in Albania

Design, Implementation & Assessment of Innovative Technologies in Education
65782 | Immersive Virtual Field Trips: Teaching Science Vocabulary To Grade-School Students With Developmental Language Disorder
65991 | Analysis of the Chinese Calligraphy Using Kansei Engineering
66044 | Automated Proctoring Solutions: Modern Techniques to Evade & Lure Computerized Proctoring Systems – A Case on Respondus LockDown Browser
66185 | Streaming Technologies and Competence in Live Online Classes During the Covid-19 Pandemic – A Case in Japanese Higher Educational Institutions
66385 | Realization of a Configuration Tool for a Learning-and Gaming-Analytics-Environment for an Applied Simulation in the Context of Psychology Studies
67355 | Developing a Digital Game Teaching Refugee Students English with Science Topic

Education & Difference: Gifted Education, Special Education, Learning Difficulties & Disability
65431 | Formulating Indicators of Creativity Among Gifted Learners in the Philippine Context
65751 | Bad at Math? Or is It Dyscalculia? An Exploratory Study of Children With Dyscalculic Tendencies in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Education, Sustainability & Society: Social Justice, Development & Political Movements
65299 | The Impact of Environmental Factors on the Well-Being of College Students During On-Line Classes
65693 | A Study of Stress Among Students of Coaching Institutes of Kota City in India – Causes, Effects and Suggestions
65731 | A Study on Chinese Fashion Design Students’ Perceptions on Sustainable Practices throughout the Lifecycle of Clothing Products
65912 | Refugees and Disaster Frameworks – Ukraine’s Education in Time of Crisis
66046 | Quitting with a Crowd: An Exploration of U.S. Teachers’ Resignation Stories on TikTok
66239 | Public Ivy League Universities and the Lack of Hispanic / Latino(a/x) Representation
67232 | Meandering Pathways of a Sustainability Education Scholar: Life Writing to Advance a Sense of Self, Place, and Community

Educational Policy, Leadership, Management & Administration
65729 | Innovation Ecosystem in China’s Universities: China’s AI Policy Analysis

Educational Research, Development & Publishing
65901 | Exploring the Impact of Ethnic Studies Course on College Students’ Cultural Intelligence and Self-efficacy
66099 | Research Barriers and Academic Productivity

Foreign Languages Education & Applied Linguistics (including ESL/TESL/TEFL)
66106 | Motivation and Challenges in Learning Japanese Language as a Foreign Language Among Malaysian Academia
66803 | Multilingual Learners’ Resilience of Navigating the Culture Shock of Online English Instruction
67215 | English Immersion Programs for Science and Engineering EFL Students
67591 | Latino Parents’ Knowledge Affects Their Understanding of Incoming Kindergarten Students’ Needed Educational Knowledge to Succeed Academically

Higher Education
64723 | Supporting our Troops Off the Field: The Impact of Veteran Student Support Systems in Higher Education Institutions
65221 | Accessing Ability: Making the Case for a Mental Health Promotion Approach to Inclusive Education
65665 | The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Moral Judgment: The Case of Middle Eastern Female Students from a Society in Transition
66022 | Effect of Self-Leadership on Higher Education Students’ Life Satisfaction and Quality of Life: A Bruneian Mixed-Methods Case Study
66097 | Sources of Research Funding and Academic Productivity
66224 | Continuous Improvement for Operational Efficiencies within Academic Operations
66233 | Assessing and Nurturing Grit and Self Reflection in Undergraduate and Graduate Students
66382 | Confronting GDP-based Economic Growth With Other Economic Growth Models
66924 | Design, Development, and Implementation of Pediatric Physical Therapy Senior Clinical Internship Telerehabilitation Program: The Pandemic Impetus

Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary & Transdisciplinary Education
66893 | Identify the Students’ Character Values of Public and Private Junior High School in Rantau Selatan District

International Education
65664 | Female Students’ Responses to Change: Adaptation, Maintenance, or Surrender
65666 | A Case Study of Students’ Initial Approach to a Research Writing Course
65675 | The Effects of Classical Literature and Multi-Cultural Experience on the Growth and Development of Third Culture Kids
67139 | Assessing Collaborative Teaching Under the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic: Instrument Development in the Context of the SECI Model

Knowledge Creation, Preservation & Access: Curation, Librarianship, Information & Archival Science
67271 | Resilience Through Messy Spaces: Students Designing an Exhibition in a Graduate Art Education Course

Learning Experiences, Student Learning & Learner Diversity
60852 | Building Cultural Wealth Through Natural Mentorships: Five Latinx Gang-Affiliated Youth Share Their Stories of Resilience
65703 | Life and Work Skills in Performing Arts: A Basis for the Developmental Guidelines of the UC-Center for Creative Productions Members
66079 | Improving Academic Skills and Academic Achievement in a Diverse Student Cohort
66510 | Action Research: Learner Reflection on Group Work and Leadership Skills
67223 | Design-based Learning and Constructionist Learning Principles to Promote Artificial Intelligence Literacy and Awareness in K-12: A Pilot Study
67255 | Student Presence and Engagement: A Design-based Research Study to Incorporate Web 2.0 Protocols

Nurturing Creativity & Innovation: New, Innovative & Radical Education
65743 | Exploring Destination Imagination Alumni Perceptions of 21st-century Skills and Workforce Readiness
66651 | How to Create Collective Care-based Learning Environments for Youth and Adults?

Primary & Secondary Education
64235 | Digital and Tactile Games to Support Literacy Instruction
65800 | Investigation of Interrelations in Social Factors, Engagement and Motivation in English Learning for Japanese Junior High School Students
66094 | Poetry Dictation: Decrease the Pace to Increase the Appreciation
67229 | Instructional Strategies for Teaching Computational Thinking in Secondary Computer Science Introductory Courses

Professional Training, Development & Concerns in Education
64102 | An Analysis of Competency’s Connotations for Travel Industry Professionals in Taiwan
66132 | Examining the Relationship of Beginning Teachers and Induction Mentors During a Global Pandemic
66162 | Significance of Working Together to Create and Revise a Consistent Achievement Goal Chart – Focusing on Teachers’ Narratives
66195 | Teaching in Social Network Times: Practices Towards Its Use by Spaniard Teachers in Compulsory and Higher Education

Teaching Experiences, Pedagogy, Practice & Praxis
65135 | Does Effort Payoff in Learning? Statistical Analysis on Statistics e-Learning Experience Outcome
65273 | Synchronous and Asynchronous: of the Covid 19 Pandemic, Opportunities and Challenges to Education Instruction in Uganda
65701 | Job Satisfaction of the Special Education Teachers of La Union, Philippines in the New Normal
65726 | Reform and Practice of Project-based Teaching Mode of Visual Communication Design Course in the Context of Application Transformation
65917 | “Promised Landscape” of University Pedagogy into the Normative Visual Experience of José Ortega y Gasset (1905-1930)
66067 | Digital Traffic Flow in Undergraduate Engineering Course Sites Before and During Covid-19
66093 | Graduate School: Next Level Asynchronous Engagement Using 15-minute Snippets
66103 | From Online to Onsite: Innovating Pedagogy and Content to Nurture Creativity and Entrepreneurship During COVID-19
66116 | Problems Encountered by Teachers During Online Learning at the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Catanduanes State University Experience
66492 | Quality Education and Economic Growth in Sub Saharan African Countries for Developing Countries
66717 | Investigating the Impact on Learner Interest with the Incorporation of Active Learning Activities in a Tertiary CLIL Context
67164 | Instructors’ Perceptions of the Opportunities and Challenges of Integrating Technology in Crisis-prompted Online Language Instruction in the Times of Covid-19
67289 | Campus Resilience: Educational Strategies to Elucidate Impact Factors and Implement Recommended Recovery Methods in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic